About CCCCSA and LCCI......

CCCCSA is a chapter of Lambda Car Clubs International......

“. . . the largest collector car club for LGBT people in North America. Membership is at 2,200, and there are 32 active regions throughout the U.S. and Canada. All vehicles of any age or condition are welcome at club events.  Please understand that we are tolerant of any person as long as they have an appreciation of motor cars.  However, this website should not nor does it infer that all club members are LGBT.


Our next meeting!

Meetings are held every 3rd Saturday






of the month at 11AM.

Our next meeting will be on 6/16 at Luther's.




Our meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend!










Like Us!

Our Monthly Meeting!

San Antonio Classic Chassis Car Club has been involved in San Antonio for over 30 years!   We are an electic club with electic tastes.  You do not have to even own a car to join!   Just have a love for cars of all types and you're in!

We meet each 3rd Saturday of the month (see below information) Feel free to drop in and join us for a meal and car-talk!

Our next meeting is unscheduled due to Corona Virus concerns.  We normally meet at 1508 Broadway in San Antonio at 11AM on the 3rd Sat. of each month.


Other Texas Clubs

The Lone Star State is large and so is the LCCI presence in Texas!    If you happened to find us online and are wondering if there are chapters in other major Texas cities - - THERE ARE!  Click to visit their sites!


Houston Chapter - LCCI

Austin Chapter - LCCI

Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter - LCCI

National LCCI Website (Members Link)

Upcoming Events

The Classic Chassis Car Club of San Antonio has events monthly so please visit our Calendar for updated information. Often non-members are invited to participate in the public events (Some private events are restricted to members only!).   Once you visit with us we are sure you want to join! 


We also have a current monthly newsletter that you view electronically by clicking here!  We also archive our previous newsletters as well.  You can view our archive by clicking here!



Note:  We are open and welcoming of anyone appreciating motor cars.  This site does not infer that any/all club members are LGBT.

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